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Franck Pascal

This time a Coteaux Champenois from Franck Pascal’s range, a still, very fine, mineral wine with light peach and salt notes.
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Champagner - Franck Pascal - Reliance


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elegant, fruchtig
Fiche Produit Champ
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Pfirsich, Mineralität
Fiche Produit Champ
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12% Vol.
Champagner - Franck Pascal - Reliance

Franck Pascal still wine “Confiance”
(contains sulphites, certified by: FR-BIO-01)

Franck Pascal’s champagne is a very elegant and noble champagne – for special occasions. Franck Pascal is one of the very few winemakers who grow their Champagne according to the biodynamic concept: the fields are largely plowed by horse and no sulfur is used in the vinification.
The work in the field is significantly greater than with conventional cultivation and a large part of the work takes place in the field.
Champagne is created from a perfect interaction between people, nature and a great deal of respect for the environment.

The winemakers:

Champagne Franck Pascal is run by Franck and his wife Isabelle.
They own 4 hectares near Reims and have been excellent in biodynamic farming for several years.
After his wife became seriously ill, which was cured using homeopathic healing methods, among other things, both of them now dedicate their lives to the production of biodynamic champagnes, which do not contain any additives and are produced in a very sustainable manner.

For several years they have been awarded the „Biodyvin“ label, which is subject to very strict controls and insures the hard work according to the biodynamic concept.

Quote from winemaker Isabell: «With biodynamic cultivation, the risk of losing part of the harvest is very high, but we believe in this type of cultivation. You can taste the terroir and the very elegant and fine work, which does not contain any additives and is therefore very pure. »

Food business operator: Franck Pascal, Rue Valentine-Régnier 34, 51700 Baslieux-Sous-Châtillon, FRANCE

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