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Brut Rosé

Maison J.B. Clair

The sparkling alternative to champagne: the elegant and finely sparkling Crémant Rosé from JB Clair – produced in the champagne style (brut) and with notes of light wild berries.The owner Guido and his wife Claudine run the family business with a lot of passion and a great focus on sustainability.
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100% Pinot Noir
Val de Loire
Côtes Roannaises
Maison J.B. Clair - Cuvée Prestige


0,75 Liter (17,32€* /1L)
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frisch, fruchtig, trocken
Fiche Produit Champ
10g/L – Brut
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feinperlig, leichte Waldbeeren
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Rosé d’assemblage
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Aperitif, Dessert
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12,5% Vol.
Maison J.B. Clair - Cuvée Prestige

Crémant (Brut) in the champagne style of JB Clair “Brut Rosé”
(contains sulfites)

At JB Clair, the grapes are hand-picked, placed in a pneumatic press and subjected to a 4-hour gentle pressing process.

This is followed by the separation of the juice and a natural fermentation of 24 hours. Fermentation then takes place at 16-18 °C.

The 2nd fermentation takes place without adding any additives – naturally in the bottle for three years.

The winemakers:

Guido and his wife Claudine inherited their father’s winery and are now running it as a family property. Both are very passionate winemakers who grow their wine very gently, without many additives, in a very sustainable way. They have adopted their father’s traditional methods and added new, gentle components.

Guido is originally from Italy and studied in France, where he met JB Clair’s daughter. JB Clair originally founded the winery in 1896. After Guido and Claudine became a couple, they decided to carry on the legacy together and moved to Renaison. They have now founded a small family and are successfully running the winery.

Guido stacks the wine bottles in a very special, ancient way that hardly anyone can do anymore and tries to do the main work in the field so that the stored bottles do not need any additives. The second fermentation takes place completely naturally and exclusively in the bottles. They are stored for three years so that they reach their complexity.

Quote from winemaker Guido: “Our grapes are pressed very gently because we attach great importance to gentle production. This not only benefits the environment, but also our health. And tastes good…!”

Food business operator: JB Clair, Passage du Chambon, 42370 Renaison, Rhone-Alpes, FRANCE

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